AD 1274 : Mentor Class Request
Please submit one class you'd like to teach. We may alter or ask you to provide an alternative class, however we will do our best to use the classes you'd like to teach. Please make sure you're as descriptive as you can be with your class titles and descriptions to help the attendees choose classes. 

Full Name
Will this be Business, Studio or Location Bay
If Shooting Bay - List type: Location, In Studio, Natural Light w/ Reflectors, Off Camera Flash, Studio Light, Strobes On Location, On Camera Flash, Alternative Light, Posing, Composition, Framing, Lens Choice
For Shooting Bays Select Time: Afternoon 1-3, Afternoon 3-5, Night
Class Level * Fundamental Intermediate Master advanced - mentor shooting, little if any attendee shooting
Are there any Special Requirements for the Attendees (ex: they should know how to do "blank")
Class Title (please be descriptive, this goes on the grid and is what people will judge your class by at first glance) *
Full Class Description (please carefully and in detail outline what they will be learning in this class, this will be online and printed in their welcome packet - used for reference) *
Models Needed : Please Include Age and Style
Special Needs? (age, gender, number in the family/group, props for HS Senior or Specialty/Talent)